JeffLib 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT API

JeffLib - mfnalex' library for repetitive tasks.

JeffLib is a tiny library (< 100kb) to avoid having to reinvent the wheel over and over again.

Almost everything you will want to use is included inside the de.jeff_media.jefflib package.

If you need help, feel free to join my discord a Source code for this library is available on GitHub.

Main Library methods. Some methods require initialization first, see JeffLib.init(org.bukkit.plugin.Plugin) and JeffLib.init(org.bukkit.plugin.Plugin, boolean)
Some data classes.
Contains Tuples (Pair, Triplet and Quartet) implementing hashCode() and equals(Object)
Events provided by JeffLib
Exceptions used by JeffLib
Internal functionality.
Contains wrappers for third party APIs that would normally result in NoClassDefFoundErrors because of Java's strange behaviour to even import classes that were called in the source using fully qualified names within try/catch blocks instead of normal imports...
Internal listeners.